Vaishnava Prayers in English Poetry

(Back to Godhead, April 20, 1960)

by Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Adore thy feet my Master And those who are devotees. Rupa with elder and the other Jiva Adwaita with societies.

Krishna Chaitanya is my Lord Radha Krishna and Lalita accord. Vishaka is there in the midst. That's my prayer in the gist.

(2) I wish my eyes flow in tears As my heart Gouranga it hears Hari thy name could I say Nitaichand thy blessings may

Curb my desire to Lord it over, Let my body in ecstasy shiver Let my mind freed of matter May I see Vrindaban scatter

May I know what Rupa is Who unfolds to me the loving pair Let my mind fixed up in them Narottam shall not be despair.

(3) Glory to Radha and Krishna in Vrindaban Equally to Govinda Gopinath and Madanmohan. Shyamkunda Radhakunda hilly Goverdhan Kalindi Jamuna river and forest Mahaban.

Keshighat Bansibat and dozens of garden The places of pastimes by Nanda's son Glory to Nanda Yasoda and cowherdsmen Sridam and friends who follow amen.

Glory to Vrisvanu his wife beautiful Glory to the full moon and the town of bull. Glory to Gopiswar at Vrindaban fixed Glory to the Brahmin who Krishna mixed.

Glory to Ramghat and Rohini's son Glory to all who reside Vrindaban. Glory to the Brahmin's wife and mermaid Who in devotional service respects paid.

Glory to the arena where dance performed Radha and Shyama who bumper stormed. Glory to the zest of excellent mellow. Paramourous feeling in-trance of kilo.

It's Krishnadas poet who chants Lotus feet of Jahnava he remembers.