Srimad Bhagavatam

Canto 7: The Science of God


Chapter One: The Supreme Lord Is Equal to Everyone

Chapter Two: Hiranyakasipu, King of the Demons

Chapter Three: Hiranyakasipu's Plan to Become Immortal

Chapter Four: Hiranyakasipu Terrorizes the Universe

Chapter Five: Prahlada Maharaja, the Saintly Son of Hiranyakasipu

Chapter Six: Prahlada Instructs His Demoniac Schoolmates

Chapter Seven: What Prahlada Learned in the Womb

Chapter Eight: Lord Nrsimhadeva Slays the King of the Demons

Chapter Nine: Prahlada Pacifies Lord Nrsimhadeva with Prayers

Chapter Ten: Prahlada, the Best Among Exalted Devotees

Chapter Eleven: The Perfect Society: Four Social Classes

Chapter Twelve: The Perfect Society: Four Spiritual Classes

Chapter Thirteen: The Behavior of a Perfect Person

Chapter Fourteen: Ideal Family Life

Chapter Fifteen: Instructions for Civilized Human Beings


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