Srimad Bhagavatam

Canto 9: Liberation


Chapter One: King Sudyumna Becomes a Woman

Chapter Two: The Dynasties of the Sons of Manu

Chapter Three: The Marriage of Sukanya and Cyavana Muni

Chapter Four: Ambarisa Maharaja Offended by Durvasa Muni

Chapter Five: Durvasa Muni's Life Spared

Chapter Six: The Downfall of Saubhari Muni

Chapter Seven: The Descendants of King Mandhata

Chapter Eight: The Sons of Sagara Meet Lord Kapiladeva

Chapter Nine: The Dynasty of Amsuman

Chapter Ten: The Pastimes of the Supreme Lord, Ramacandra

Chapter Eleven: Lord Ramacandra Rules the World

Chapter Twelve: The Dynasty of Kusa, the Son of Lord Ramacandra

Chapter Thirteen: The Dynasty of Maharaja Nimi

Chapter Fourteen: King Pururava Enchanted by Urvasi

Chapter Fifteen: Parasurama, the Lord's Warrior Incarnation

Chapter Sixteen: Lord Parasurama Destroys the World's Ruling Class

Chapter Seventeen: The Dynasties of the Sons of Pururava

Chapter Eighteen: King Yayati Regains His Youth

Chapter Nineteen: King Yayati Achieves Liberation

Chapter Twenty: The Dynasty of Puru

Chapter Twenty-one: The Dynasty of Bharata

Chapter Twenty-two: The Descendants of Ajamidha

Chapter Twenty-three: The Dynasties of the Sons of Yayati

Chapter Twenty-four: Krsna the Supreme Personality of Godhead


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